Women I Needed to See Growing Up: Elizabeth Nuñez

Growing up I needed to see a woman like Elizabeth Nuñez. This latina blogger shows that women over forty can be trendsetters and she also gives a voice to the 67% of women in the USA who are plus sized who have very limited representation in traditional media. When I was growing up my body was different than most girls. Through starving myself and spending hours a day in the gym during my early twenties I found that I would never have the shape I saw in magazines. I needed to see a woman like Elizabeth rockin’ a bikini proudly. I needed to be shown that I was in the majority and my body-type was worth seeing. I also needed to hear her other messages. Elizabeth is a single mother, a domestic abuse survivor, and has dealt with homelessness. She gets real about those experiences and gives strength to others facing those issues by sharing her story and listening too. She embraces all that she is and in turn helps others embrace everything that makes them unique. “Chiquita - Picosa y Poderosa!” At five foot tall she is moving mountains! Growing up I needed to see a woman like Elizabeth Nuñez. Who did you need to see?

Katherine Young Elizabeth Nuñez

To learn more about Elizabeth Nuñez visit her website www.BBWGeneration.com, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube.