Women I Needed to See Growing Up: Amaiya Zafar

When I was growing up I needed to see a woman like Amaiya Zafar. She won the Ringside World Championship in 2017 but that is just one of her victories. Amaiya refuses to compromise her morals and values regardless of the situation. Amaiya fought for her right to wear her hijab and full-length under armor in the ring to maintain her modesty. USA Boxing has granted exception for her head scarf and that never would have happened if she didn't stay strong and fight for what she believes in. Amaiya has her eyes set on the 2020 Olympics but international boxing regulations will have to change in order for her to compete. She is fighting for more than just the Olympics, she is also passionate about Black Lives Matter, fighting against Islamophobia, fighting for the environment, at risk youth, and social justice. Amaiya believes it is important to stand up for those less fortunate than yourself. She is in the gym five days a week teaching boxing classes to women and children. She wants women to know they can kick butt too, no matter where they come from. “If we get 20 kids off the street and into the gym every evening, that’s 20 less kids in harm’s way.” Growing up I had a great deal of misconceptions about Islamic women and their faith. Amaiya breaks those stereotypes and is teaching us all more than just boxing. I needed to see a woman like Amaiya Zafar when I was growing up. Who did you need to see?

Amaiya Zafar Katherine Young

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