Bruegger's Bagels Artist Challenge

I entered the Bruegger's Bagels Artist Challenge. The new flagship store is just east of St. Paul. I went and checked out the location to get inspiration and a feel of the space in person. CLICK HERE to learn more about this contest.

The wall is in a fun spot with guests sitting facing it. I wanted to create something that they could look for an extended amount of time finding different things to see.

Here is a work in progress shot.

Here is the final work. I used coloring from the chalkboards in the store as well as phrases and fonts from Bruegger's signage and other collateral. The dark red background represents the brick wall and is not part of the final work. All in all I am pretty happy with how this turned out.

I call it the 'Bagel Mandala' and am pretty sure even Steven Tyler would find it pretty psychodelic!