Peter Pan Paper Sculpture

This work is a third in the series and it basically created itself. I was able to create this in less than two days of work because inspiration was flowing!

This lovely lady started as a sketch. I designed a Tinker Bell that was a bit more edgy than the traditional character design.

I then started laying out my book pages so the right words and parts of the story were visible in the final work. 

I had fun creating the pirate ship. I don't think I have ever drawn a pirate ship before!

I then created Tinker Bell and made sure her wings fell in just the right places on the clock face. Coincidentally she completely covered where I drew the hands of the clock. I love that just to the right of her check you read the directions to Neverland.

The rest of the photos are different angles of he final work. Look closely at the wording from the pages. Words that describe objects appear on and next to those objects giving the work a deeper meaning and truly bringing the book to life!

 I wonder if Steven Tyler believes in fairies?