Fairy Tale Book Sculpture Series by Katherine Young

My favorite part of being an artist is when your creativity is flowing at such a fast pace, time flies, and hours disappear. It is exhilerating when you love what you are doing so much that you get lost in the work and stretch your creative boundaries. I hope everyone loves an ability they have to this extent. My Fairy Tale Book Sculpture Series is a prime example of work that harnesses the best of my creative abilities.

My best work as an artist happens when I take a tangible item that represents a concept and then turn it into a visual representation of that concept. Okay, that last sentence is ridiculous... here is what I mean.

A book is story written down. It is a tangible item that holds the concept of the story inside. The same goes for an album. A music album is a tangible item that holds music. These items when read/played take on their true purpose. Their tangible form is not as important as the concepts they represent. If you were to destroy (or in my case upcycle) these items you have not destroyed the message that they carry. Yes, that one item you have altered can never be used to read the story or listen to the song... but the story lives on and so does the music. That one items is not the only way this enchanting tale or hypnotic music finds it way into the world.

I love taking these tangible items and turning them into visual representations of the concepts they hold. Bringing the stories 'to life' and actually making the words written on the page become a scene from our memory. The memory is far more important than the book. And turning that book into your beautiful memory drives me to create like no other.

I will keep working on this series as long as the inspiration keeps flowing. If you would like to see some of my upcycled album art, CLICK HERE. I would love to see these pieces sold by Disney Fine Art. I think the concept is not being done by any other paper artist out there and represents all that is magical about Disney story telling.

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Fear not! I have upcycled Aerosmith albums too! I couldn't leave Steven Tyler out of this!