Women I Needed to See Growing Up: Erika Jarvis

I needed to see a woman like Erika Jarvis when I was growing up. Erika is an independent business women who makes things happen on her own terms. She is career oriented and works as a Project Manager for technology wearables (MagicBands) at the Walt Disney World Resort. Erika also has her own side-hustle with her website MyRevampedLife.com. She has created a corner of the internet where women can celebrate female friendships, female leaders, listen to music loudly, and find empowering friendship. Erika encourages women to stop thinking of themselves a ‘girl boss.’ She wants to remind women that they are a ‘boss’ that happens to be female. Erika defines her impact by her own standards. When I was growing up, multi-level marketing programs with pressure sales tactics were pushed on women as the only option for a side side-hustle. Erika proves that you can define the impact you will make by carving out the niche yourself. When I was growing up I needed to see a woman like Erika Jarvis. Who did you need to see?

Katherine Young Erika Jarvis

To keep up with Erika you can find her at MyRevampedLife.com or on Instagram and Twitter.