Women I Needed to See Growing Up: Jessica Jewett

I needed to see a woman like Jessica Jewett when I was growing up. What is so truly inspirational about Jessica is her willingness to share all her talents. She is an amazingly talented artist, author, and intuitive. “I’m an artist who happens to have a disability, not a disabled woman who happens to be an artist. I never let my disability define my worth.” Jessica uses her mouth to create artwork and growing up she was invited to teach art and show the other students how to make art like her. She was able to show them that different wasn't that different at all. Now, she shares her life online through social media, spreading understanding and awareness of her disability Arthrogryposis. She is showing all of us that different isn't that different at all. Arthrogryposis found in about 1 in 3,000 live births and has no known cure and no predictable cause. I had a disabled parent growing up and didn’t understand the differences. I didn't know where to look to understand what was possible. I needed to see a woman like Jessica Jewett when I was growing up. Who did you need to see?

Jessica Jewett Katherine Young

Too keep up with Jessica Jewett and see her artwork visit www.artbyjessicajewett.com or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.