Twenty-Some Things I Learned In My Twenty-Somethings: #2

Surround Yourself with Inspiration

This simple idea is a foundation in my life that pushes me to do better. I have a few examples of this to share.

Which one of these motivates you to get up and try something new? Watching 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' or 'Design on a Dime' that shows you how to update a room in your house inexpensively.

Which friend brings out the best in you? Friend A, that only calls you when they are having significant other troubles and/or needs a favor, or Friend B, who invites you to cool activities around the city.

Which item makes you happiest when you see it? A photo of you meeting your idol, or a bowl with decorative wicker balls.

You can see where I am going with this. The world around us has the power to engage us and lift us to new heights. From people to pictures, surrounding yourself with inspiration is a very powerful change you can make in your everyday life!

This is my favorite picture of all time. Steven Tyler and me in 2012. I keep copies EVERYWHERE! It not only makes me smile every time I see it but it reminds me that I can do anything.

You can guess the amount of decorative wicker balls I have in my house. I am guessing Steven doesn't have any either...