Rockin’ Event Review: Gudrun Sjödén — A Colourful Universe

The American Swedish Institute (ASI) is one of the most beautiful castles the Midwest has to offer. The holiday season is a must see, and every time I go there I always see something different I missed before. Maybe it is an architectural element, a painting, or plaster ornamentation, but I never find myself with a lack of things to look at with wonder. I mean, just look at this place!


I highly recommend visiting at any time to explore this majestic castle, but the current exhibit: Gudrun Sjödén — A Colourful Universe is a reason to visit this stunning museum as soon as you can. Gudrun Sjödén — A Colourful Universe is on display from July 26, 2018 - October 28, 2018. If you have interest in female entrepreneurship, sustainability, and creativity to achieve sustainability this exhibit is for you. Gudrun Sjödén is a Swedish designer. She has turned her watercolor artwork into a fully realized sustainability focused business.


Through the exhibit you get to see her beginning process of creating with water color, her business journey and accolades, and then you get to see how her designs pull together to become clothing and products.


Her approach to simple patterns that coordinate create playful and vibrant styles. One of the most unique sustainability approaches she uses is the ability for her products to work together whether they were made for this season of decades ago. This allows for a sustainable wardrobe or interior design style that can be added to without throwing out older items.


The show also displays her inspiration from her travels and how that inspires her patterns and different design styles.


This exhibit is an amazing example of an innovative woman who is a leader in her field. She has also created a company around her creativity and vision larger than today’s fast fashion. Make sure to get on over to ASI before the exhibit closes.