Rockin' Event Review: Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives

The Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago runs from October 16, 2013 through January 4, 2015 and is a treat to even the most Disneyfied superfan!

The exhibit started with pictures of the Disney family, the house Walt was born in in Chicago and even a picture of Walt and his daughter Sharon visiting the museum in 1951.

I was amazed with how many items were there that I had never seen on display before. Here are a few of my favorite items.

I have never seen this many books from classic films on display at one time. From Snow White to Hocus Pocus these really took me back to those wonderful stories.

Disney is known for their animatronics. This little guy inspired the Tiki Room and all other animatronics to come after. I have heard about this treasure but have never seen it in person till now.

Quite a large portion of the exhibit featured items from Mary Poppins. I loved seeing the storyboards, fashion sketches, and of course the infamous carpet bag.

My favorite outfit on display was from the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow. The Pirates of the Caribbean will always hold special place in my swash-buckling heart.

The item I was most moved by was a small ordinary Western Union Telegram. This item was never used in a film. This simple communication forshadowed the future of the company. If Walt had never lost Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey Mouse would have never been born. Even after such betrayal he wrote a short letter of assurance to his brother.

I hope you get a chance to see this exhibit while it is in Chicago. The only thing that was missing was a section devoted to Steven Tyler's Rockin' Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith.