Support My Art & I Will Donate To Charity!

I want to be printed in my first Threadless competition with my two designs for doggie hoodies. But I need a little help from my friends and family and anyone else out there! What is the incentive to vote? I will donate half of whatever I earn to the Humane Society of America. I will spread awareness of my work as well as do some good! So click HERE to vote for my two designs. Voting 5 is the highest vote you can give. Please give me a 5 and help me win!

You will have to create a Threadless account if you haven't already to vote. Now working for a nonprofit I see how money can help so much but I can only afford to donate my time. I am hoping that this idea will give me an opportunity to donate a substantial amount to animals in need by using my talents!

Thank you for all your help!  Click HERE to vote!