Rustic Invites for Gettin' Hitched

This city girl was lucky enough to design wedding invite for a friend of mine. Her wedding theme is rustic/country and she wanted invites to follow that look and feel. I started out with her showing me invites she really loved and ones she didn't love so much. I pinned a million different invites while researching then I came up with four different designs.

We settled on the upper right-hand design with a few edits. Cara really wanted to include the reclaimed barn wood look she saw on Pinterest.

After a few tweaks, these are the beautiful finals! Perfect for a summer wedding in the Dakotas!

In the words of Steven Tyler, "My favorite thing that drives me wild. Is when a city girl walks a country mile."

UPDATE JUNE 27th 2015: Made a gift for the happy couple out of their invite.