Women I Needed to See Growing Up: Abby Cooper

When I was growing up I needed to see a woman like Abby Cooper. Growing up, I thought all authors were old men or dead old men. J.K. Rowling hadn’t hit the scene and the idea of a young and vibrant woman not much older than me being an author was something I would have loved to see. Not only do her books focus heavily on characters who are learning to accept and love themselves and other positive messages for youth, but she is the embodiment of a positive message. Abby demonstrates hard work and persistence and shares her journey to becoming an author with students around the world. By visiting classrooms and book clubs, she makes the goal of being a writer more reachable to all she meets. She also shares many different routes to becoming a writer including writing reviews, poetry, journaling, and more. When growing up I needed to see a women like Abby Cooper. Who did you need to see?

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