Creatives That Rock: Jon GlassMan Gardner's 'Alter Ego'

On June 5th, 2013 the Peacock Room welcomed the art opening Alter Ego featuring the works of Jon GlassMan Gardner. Alter Ego showcased Jon's ability to work with different media beyond glass.

The works popped against the rich velvet red walls. The wide variety of bright colors, textures, and concepts made this show something for every taste.

Jon has been working with glass since 1990, first at a window factory and then replacing glass in automobiles. His experience has earned him the nickname GlassMan. Three years ago he began creating art with glass by paint pushing with glass. This art show showcases his ability to not only work with glass but with other mediums.

"Alter Ego was my way of saying "Even though I'm the 'GlassMan', I can do something besides glass." All too often we as Artists fall into the trap of doing what our "fans" demand. We create what sells. Or what we receive the most praise for. And before we know it, we stop experimenting. We stop pushing the envelope. We stop doing things we might fail at. I dont want to always do what people want me to do. I don't only want to work with glass, just because I'm the GlassMan. I'm going to make whatever I want. I always reserve the option of having an Alter Ego."

Jon has showcased his work at venues including City Arts Factory, The Orlando Museum of Art, The Gallery at Avalon Island, Taste, the UCF Business Incubator, and the Osceola Center for the Arts among many others.

If you are interested in ordering a custom work or contacting Jon you can find him on facebook, at "I always like to hear suggestions and if you inspire it, you always have first dibs to buy it!"

Jon creates work that is truly 'Living on the Edge' Steven Tyler style. His drive for self-improvement is evident in the work he creates. And just to make you jealous, I took this piece home with me!