Then & Now: Let's Play Dress-Up!

I took part in a Skillshare class taught by Jessica Walsh & Timothy Goodman called "Just Make Stuff: Getting Creative with Side Projects." They created a project called "Quotes on Shit." I thought it would be a fun exercise to enroll in the class because I am a believer that consistent creating makes you a better artist. I am reposting the project here. To check out more projects visit the project gallery to see what others created.

Then & Now: Let's Play Dress-Up!

I bought a fun vintage set up paper dolls and clothes for from an antique store for $10 and thought I could do something fun with them.


I thought about playing with your imagination and how children of that era used to dress-up their paper dolls. I found a boy and a girl doll I wanted to use.


Back in the day dressing up for children was about becoming an adult or just wearing regular clothes.


Now as adults we too still love dress-up. But we dress up as fantasy. I gave sweet Debbie a steampunk outfit.


And Tom got a commander uniform cosplay outfit from Star Trek the Next Generation.


I have lots more dolls to play with and maybe more modern dress-up to come!