It is Far Easier to Point Out Differences than to Admit Similarities

I have been witnessing a ton of posts after the most recent shooting blaming this younger generation (Las Vegas and Columbine debunk that), blaming a lack of religion (Charleston and Texas debunk that), saying someone with better aim could stop that (Las Vegas debunks that) and generally saying the way they (the poster) lives their life is the ‘right’ way. And it breaks my heart.

Thought today might be a good time to share that I have been through a fatal shooting situation. I was at home when police fatally shot my neighbor. I still remember the exact sound of those rounds and to this day photos of hunting making me anxious (I don’t do well with loud quick sounds or violent tv shows either). I went through shock and counceling for what happened. Also, I worked in Sanford FL when Trayvon was killed, I have been to the Pulse night club and have friends who lost people that day, Philandro Castillo was killed just a mile from where I live and I know several classmates who have had gun-related tragedies in their lives as well.

After writing this out (because I needed to get it off my chest) I realized I am not special in any way. We have all been touched by a gun-related tragedy even if we are model gun owners. We all know someone.


I know it is far easier to point out differences than admit similarities. But gun tragedies are a shared American story now. I hope as Americans we can all take individual responsibility and write our representation and demand change. Even if your solution is more guns, I hope you make your voice heard. Because one thing I see is us all having a shared desire to be heard... post after post after post after post.

A great way to write your representation is to text RESIST to 50409 and it will find your representation for you. You can send emails right from your phone. Also, Facebook can help you locate your representation in the Town hall function.