Buckcherry Poster Art 'Face The Fear In This'

Buckcherry is one of my favorite bands of all time. They are an amazing band to see in concert and I love their wild lyrics. When I saw the art contest posted for them by creativeallies.com I just had to enter! My favorite song will always be 'For the Movies.' I always pictured the girl on the cover of their self titled album to be the image of inner strength for those who write their own definition of success.

Here is the fabulous song 'For The Movies' that inspired me.

Here is the original album artwork that I paid homage to in my work.

The project brief specifically said to "Try your hand at creating some original and unique typography for the required text: Buckcherry." I wanted darkness to drip from their iconic logo in a classic rock poster line art style. Skulls are imagery that the band uses often and immerse perfectly with this concept.

I wanted to include a tribute to the pin-up girl on the 'Buckcherry' album. I wanted the darkness to drip from her too. Her tears are the blackness and she holds a skull in mourning.

This shot shows the her before I added body paint.

And here is my final piece entitled 'Face The Fear In This.' Please CLICK HERE to head on over to the contest page and vote for my poster!

Here is a close up view.

From Steven Tyler and Aerosmith to Buckcherry, music is one of the greatest sources of inspiration in my work! Below is a picture of me and Josh Todd, lead singer for Buckcherry, on their tour bus from a few years back. I hope you enjoy my fan art for an amazing band!

Original album artwork and video are copyright to their original creators and are posted here for reference only.