Fairy House

Fairy houses have become quite popular. For a few years now I have wanted to create a fairy house and enter it in a competition at a Renaissance Festival. I saw tutorials of how to create one out of detergent bottles, and loved the whimsical lop-sided style that created. My final house took shape by the piece of birch bark a coworker found for me. This hollow stump was perfect for what I needed!

I first gathered all things a fairy would when gathering items for their home.

I then had to figure out how to make a solid base for the house. Which was tricky because the bottom was uneven.

I ended up turning a large planter bottom over and using it as the base. I then covered it with cement to mount the birch bark to the base. I then covered the the cement with moss and some fake greenery.

I then created a door and my favorite feature, a fairy chandelier!

I LOVE the final house!

Everywhere you look there is shiny pieces that a fairy would love!

I even lined the edges with a little pixie dust!

You may not think fairies need houses, but I truly do. It may be crazy to build a house for fairies but it sure was fun! In the words of Steven Tyler, "I don't suffer from insanity... I enjoy every minute of it..."