Aerosmith Or Bust!

I have finished my poster for the upcoming Aerosmith show. I am very excited to meet Steven Tyler! I wanted to make a poster that incorporated many things. First I came up with the concept of bats flying covering the night sky and the bats being the old Aerosmith logo. I then wanted to incorporate the song "Deuces Wild" somewhere because it is my favorite song by them. Then I looked at their new album and the entire thing has kitchy comic book style art so I tried to use that kind of creative. The whole thing is a bit over the top but I am happy with it and am excited to get it signed! I also left a ton of room in the middle for autographs and for framing I should be able to put my concert ticket and V.I.P. pass and photo with Steven right in the middle! Enjoy!

Here is their new album cover.