Rockin' Event Review: Internet Cat Video Festival 2015


I just had to start with a pun! The CHS Field in St. Paul set an attendance record with the 13,000 cat lovers selling out the 2015 Internet Cat Video Festival. There was two hours to enjoy the many cat-centric activities and eat plenty of food. You could check out a mural in progress, make a cat toy, get samples and swag, and take many different photo-ops with props and walk-around cats.

Not to brag but my businesscards/swag we (mostly my friend Quinn) gave out were purrrrrfect!

Before screening the videos the main screen as well as other screens around the venue featured photos of local cats submitted by owners. My fashionista Little Miss is now basically famous.

There were many amazing cat themed t-shirts and other cat-tastic items worn. My friend Angela of Angela Doheny Photography and myself rocked some custom cat shirts featuring our kitties! The shirts were created by yours truly, Crazy Cat Lady Katie! Some participants took it up a notch and came as their favorite feline!

This whimsical Cheshire cat won the "Dress as Your Cat” costume contest! She looked spec-CAT-tular!

The mayor of St. Paul threw out the first pitch to get the videos started by throwing out a yarn ball. The videos were pure interwebs gold. I laughed so hard it hurt. My favorite video is "Heavy Metal Cats" for obvious reasons.

The focus of this event was to bring people together and it truly did that. It was pointed out that dog people get to show off their dogs by walking them but cat people don't get the same chance. Well every dog has its day. And today went to the cats.

I will always be a cat kind of person. Nine Lives is even my favorite album Steven Tyler has ever recorded.