Carma's Cakes Branding

I was lucky enough to do some fun branding for Carma's Cakes! The main goal was to create a logo and a look for the company. So where did we start?

Carma started me off with ideas she liked and ideas she didn't like. She liked scrolling and elegant looks but nothing messy.

I then came up with different layouts and sketched some ideas. I presented Carma with some finalized concepts and she chose the one she liked the most. 

We perfected the cake, updated the colors, and came up with a fun and flirty final logo! I love the combination of design and illustration in her final logo!

Her facebook page also got a refresh!

She also has some foxy new business cards! 

Carma has been doing a ton of work promoting her business this summer and it shows. Her facebook likes are up by 50% since the beginning of April, and her traffic has quadrupled! All of this in one month since we started the new branding! I am really happy with how this project turned out and am even happier that Carma has a professional look and feel for her sweet business!

I think Steven Tyler would agree that there is plenty of 'Sweet Emotions' packed into this branding design!