Rockin' Event Review: Boost Your Business Minneapolis

Boost Your Business with Facebook

was a pop-up event held in four cities across the US focusing on small businesses utilizing Facebook Ads.

They created a very friendly and welcoming environment giving attendees access to social media experts. There were two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon on July 30th. By splitting the event into two sessions they kept the crowd size less overwhelming and reassured everyone access to vendors and experts without long lines. The space was also well layed-out to keep the crowd dispersed between all the interesting stations to visit.

Unlike typical business conferences, getting time with the keynote experts was actually an option. Jonathan Czaja, Facebook’s Director of Small Business, was available after his opening remarks over in the networking section of the event.

Mari Smith also did 1-on-1 sessions after her keynote and took selfies with many marketing geeks in the crowd.

Mari then led a panel discussion with four Twin Cities based small businesses that are fully using Facebook and Instagram to market their businesses. Greenwich Vintage Co. (a favorite of mine), The Herbivorous ButcherBrightpeak Financial, and The Patchery all gave advice how they utilized social media to market their businesses. Greenwich Vintage Co. talked about how important personality is to their brand's social media presence. The Herbivorous Butcher talked about getting the 'vegan swarm' on their side when they travel to new locations. Brightpeak Financial explained how life landmark events helps them find potential customers via social media. And The Patchery gave advice on how they utilize Facebook Groups to research products and create an insider group of loyal fans.

There was also breakout sessions with more in-depth information on on customizing your ads' target markets with Facebook tools.

All and all it was a very smart marketing move by Facebook to try to get the small businesses on Facebook to better utilize ads. With 40 million small businesses on Facebook and only 2 million buying ads they realize that there is a huge untapped revenue stream just waiting to take the plunge. The event was very upbeat and being 'wined and dined' Facebook style meant Izzy's Ice Cream, a fun professional setting, and lots and lots of fun swag!

Did you know that the average person checks Facebook 14 times a day? I wonder how many times Steven Tyler checks his page?