Rockin' Event Review: Bold & Fearless Poster Design

Bold & Fearless Poster Design was presented on CreativeLive January 12-13, 2015. The class was taught by James Victore who is somewhat of a graphic design hell-raiser. James creates great web content including Burning Questions to inspire up-and-coming graphic designers. The iconic style he is known for is all about letting go of perfection and being honest.

His teaching style resonates with great story telling and anecdotal adventures in design. He pushes students to be bold and make work that matters. He never talks down to his audience.

I created this design concept for the class. We were given a creative brief to create a litter campaign poster series for the city of New York. I missed the mark on my execution, but think my message is very direct, and being this messy in my work is a real stretch for me. 

James has been exhibited at the MOMA, the Louvre, and the Library of Congress, and even won an Emmy. All of this was achieved by following the beat of his own drum. "Humility is really important because it keeps us fresh and new." This quote by Steven Tyler perfectly embodies James Victore's flourishing career. I think that is why his work is so relevant today.