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As Graphic Designers we all have to keep our skills sharp. Sometimes it is asking a fellow designer how they did something or taking a tutorial online. But what about taking a class? Not going back to school but just taking a class? I have found a great online site called Skillshare that has design classes for very reasonable prices.

So far the resources the teachers have given me have been well worth it! I took two short classes and have learned much more than I expected. During the classes my Mac Book actually died on me and I was unable to complete the projects ontime. However, once you enroll in a class you have access to the information in the class forever! So I can go back and complete the work at a later time when I am able to purchase another computer! This flexible schedule allows us all to go at our own pace when life gets in the way.

I have taken two classes that I highly recommend.

Paying Tribute: Illustrate Your Favorite TV Episode/Scene
Taught by

Taught by Daniel Gonzales ·Animator at Disney Animation Studio
Check these classes out! The links I posted will save you $10 on the price of the class, so enroll now and learn something new! I am sure Steven Tyler would want you to sharpen those mad skills too! Have fun learning!