Women I Needed to See Growing Up: Angela Doheny

I needed to see a woman like Angela Doheny when I was growing up. Angela currently works for the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board where she oversees video and photography. Angela has always loved our nation's parks and started off her career as a photojournalist working in Livingston Montana, referred to as the ‘Gateway to Yellowstone.’ She has been able to carve her own career path combining her two loves photography and the outdoors and also has a remarkable wedding photography business. Angela also believes in the power of lifting up other women’s accomplishments and she often can be found helping those around her with creative endeavors. “I love seeing and hearing about women working hard to reach their goals and, more importantly, supporting one another. Success doesn’t have to be exclusive. I feel just as much pride in the achievements of my friends, colleagues and relatives as I do in my own successes.” Angela truly supports other creatives around her and her thriving photography career is a result of shared knowledge and years of hard work. When I was growing up, professional artists seemed so out of reach and so mysterious I couldn't understand their career path. No one ever showed me that you could create your own creative career path from things you love and support other creatives along the way. I needed to see a woman like Angela Doheny when I was growing up. Who did you need to see?

Angela Doheny Katherine Young

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