Creatives That Rock: Anchored Hope

Lacy Halvorson is a crafty mom on a mission. Her creations for mom and baby are more than just fabulous and functional. They are her own form of self-expression. Lacy likes to create her own patterns and it helps her to step out of her 'mom world'. Her signature item is the adorable plush ribbon crinkle elephant toy.

"I got to the point in life where everyone was having babies," says Lacy. Buying all those baby gifts was expensive and many of them were pretty simple. "I thought I could make a lot of these."

Her first toy was the crinkle elephant. She received so much positive feedback that she began designing and creating more original items. With encouragement of friends and family she opened up an Etsy shop and sells her creations to people around the world. Her shop Anchored Hope now features fun crinkle ribbon plush animals, stylish diaper clutches, sensory ribbon blankets, and many other items for mom and baby.

Lacy likes to use fabrics that feel vintage and have bright colors. She finds a great deal of inspiring patterned fabric at for her creations. She also finds inspiration from other crafters she meets, other mothers, her faith, and most of all her family. Her mother-in-law inspires her with her amazing faith, sewing talent, and devotion as a mother. Lacy and her mother-in-law motivate and inspire each other by comparing projects and coming up with new ideas for sewing. 

When taking the show on the road and doing indie craft shows, she loves to get feedback from other vendors and people attending the shows. Like Steven Tyler her creativity takes center stage in her booth layout.

To see more items from Lacy visit her shop at You can also contact Lacy about custom orders through her online shop.