Rockin' Event Review: Northern Spark

An all night art happening is something you would expect at Art Basel, Brooklyn, or Los Angeles. Northern brings these interactive festivities to the Midwest with Northern Spark. With multiple locations open all night, your tour of the Twin Cities has vibrant surprises at every turn.

The main hub of activity was at the Mill City Museum. Many interactive installations encouraged guests to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. From becoming a giant projection, to getting lost in a maze, there was plenty to do. Even with the plethora of of activities, the high attendance made all activities something you had to stand in line for.

If you were only to go to one spot, Mill City would be worth the trip. The next most robust location was the Peavey Plaza.

The novelty of staying up all night gives the whole event a playful sort of feel and the city really does show different side than a typical evening out. The installations that stuck with me the most were, Tron Human Foosball at the Peavey Plaza, Sparkle Smash (a game where you could use your smart phone to change the lights on the top of Target Corporate), the incredible view from the observation deck at Mill City, and a whimsical black-light game of flamingo croquet at MIA straight out of Alice in Wonderland (not a listed activity).

I highly recommend giving Northern Spark a try next year to anyone up for something new. It helps to love art although food trucks, mystery, and people watching make it fun for all.

Northern Sparks' Train Kept A Rollin' All Night Long with a vibrant Steven Tyler kind of energy.