Rockin' Event Review: 2nd Annual Iowa Burlesque Festival

Better late than never Rockin' Event Review!

The 2nd Annual Iowa Burlesque Festival was October 24-25, 2014 in Davenport, Iowa. I needed an excuse for drawing some lovely ladies, and this event had more lovely ladies than just one night could hold! This was my first burlesque show and I dived right in with a front row seat for two days of fabulous!

The two day event brought talented burlesque and vaudeville acts from around the world to the Midwest stage. I drew my favorite performers in classic pin-up style. I found I was mostly drawn to more classic style performances with hints of humor.

Maddie Moiselle showed us that being confident in your skin is not about your dress size! She struggled with the all too familiar female problem of your 'assets' not fitting into that dress.

Ray Ray Sunshine exuded classic Hollywood glamor with a cheeky sense of humor!

Renee Holiday had a set of pipes that were worthy of a Broadway stage. She tickled her ivories hitting the orgasmic high notes with a tantalizing feather.

Molly Tov was one wise crackin' Emcee. Blunt and brash at all the right turns, she kept the audience on their toes. My favorite moment was an unscripted glass drop or while joined on stage by Dante the Magician.

I loved seeing women of all shapes and sizes showing off and being proud of their bodies. They had all the right moves and stage outfits that upstage those of Steven Tyler. I plan on attending the 3rd Annual Iowa Burlesque Festival this upcoming year. I might even take a couple of classes. But first I better practice walking in 6-inch heels.