Fun Retirement Gift Ideas

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a very sentimental gift giver. I love to come up with gifts that have meaning. That is why I am so often asked to help with party ideas. I recently helped with a retirement party for a coworker and came up with some cute ideas that anyone could customize for their event. These ideas are perfect for a man, which as we all know, are just so hard to get gifts for!

The first idea is the junk food bouquet. Such an easy idea. Take individually wrapped junk food items, tape a sturdy cake pop stick on the back and you are all set to go with your very own 'edible' arrangement! The price is low and they will love that you remembered their favorite treat!

The second gift idea is making a record of their 'Greatest Hits'! All this will cost you is an old 33 12in record and a T-shirt frame available at your local craft store! The center of the record can be covered with a custom 4x4 circle. You can make this in virtually any computer program. You then glue the new record center over the old one and glue the record to the frame back. (I used a checkered background to fit our 50's party theme but you can use anything you want) I them simply took the glass out and had the guests sign the record in metallic sharpie. When all framed after the event you have a truly unique keepsake!

Wonder what Steven Tyler would think about this 'Big Ten Inch Record'? (Note: this record was a 12in 33RPM not a 10in.)