Little Mermaid Paper Sculpture

I love making anything and everything out of paper. I have been really inspired by the work of Britney Lee and Handiedan. Both artists create elaborate paper sculptures with an affinity to lovely ladies. I decided to upcycle Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale The Little Mermaid. I used the Little Mermaid sketch I did for #Inktober2014 as my inspiration.

My Original #inktober sketch.

I sketched out the art in a larger size and started tracing the artwork book pages.

Pen and watercolor paint on the paper created my little mermaid.

Here she is before I add the quilling paper styling pieces.

Here is the final work. The background is also made from pages of the book.

In these closeups you can see how she is literally made out of her tragic tale.

Another closeup on the text. 

 Here are some different angles showing the 3D elements of the work.

Steven Tyler, does she qualify as one of your 'Summer Girls'?