Crazy Cat Lady Katie is Getting Started

I am your typical crazy cat lady. I am also a graphic artist who loves trying new designs and styles. I love making cards for family and friends, and take great care with giving thoughtful gifts. I love items that are beautifully designed but I would rather decorate with something meaningful.

And that is how Crazy Cat Lady Katie was born.

Sometimes when you get a new idea you just have to run with it! I have started a new shop called Crazy Cat Lady Katie. The Grand Opening will be June 1st. But until then please take a peak! I hope you find an item that you love! I am still working on my branding, and a business plan, but right now I am having a blast coming up with new products! If you have any ideas please let me know!

Little Miss is modeling next to her portrait.

I love how feminine and fun this one is!

I even have the purrrr-fect gift idea for Mother's Day!

Had to throw in a little Pop Art just because.

Because cats.

These are only $5.00 each!

$5.00 and a HUGE statement made!

I am not done designing my branding do to indecision (#GraphicDesignerProblems). So right now I am just running the store without the branding or full identity that is coming soon. In the words on Steven Tyler "Fake it till you make it."