Maroon 5 Quilled Album Cover Art

Many designers have a problem with working for free. And I do agree for the most part. If someone wants you specifically, to work for them, then you should be paid like any other professional. However, it is completely up to the artist if they want to offer their services for free or create for the sake of being creative!

I love creating new artwork and entering contests. I do it to constantly push myself to try new approaches and grow as an artist. Entering design contests is completely different than being solicited to work for free. Personally, I need to be creating something on a daily basis and contests give me a great outlet. Many contests have subjects that I would never get to create work for otherwise. And if I win, that would be awesome too!

I have a new piece of art entered in the Creative Allies Maroon 5 Cover Art Contest. I love the way it turned out! Head on over to the contest page and vote for my artwork!

Here are some fun work in progress and close up shots! Enjoy!

Maybe someday I will get to create some fabulous quilled album art for  the great Steven Tyler!