Creatives That Rock: Robin Williams Creating Something From Nothing

It was pointed out to me the Robin Williams was the Dad of my generation. Completely true. He showed us that we are loved more than we know, even when our parents don't love each other anymore. He showed us the power of our inner child is more heroic than anything grown-up. And he showed us that just being ourselves had more power than a genie in a bottle.

I see so much of him in my father who passed when I was young. That may be why it has hit me harder than expected.

Robin Williams was around my whole life. I never knew a life where he wasn't around. If he was a guest on a talk show my family would watch it. If his movie was in theatres my whole family would go see it together. And anytime his movies are on TV I still watch them. And by welcoming him into our home he became one of the family.

I want to pay tribute to Robin Williams as the true creative he was. This is my favorite moment from Hook where Peter realizes the power of imagination. Filling his spoon with nothing and flinging bright colorful globs of something at Ruffio.

Creativity is taking two unrelated ideas and coming up with something where there was nothing. Robin Williams was amazing when it came to creating something out of nothing. Elmer Fud singing Bruce Springstein? Why not! Robin Williams could make something funny out of absolutely nothing.

Mrs. Doubtfire could have been the creepiest storyline ever, but it wasn't. The Genie could have had one recognizable voice but instead he had too many recognizable voices to count. And Good Will Hunting would have been just fine without the fart story improv... but who wants just fine? Robin Williams was always a true performer and always delivered those over-the-top performances.

That is what I will miss about him the most. No one could do over-the-top the way he did and make it look so effortless. So here is to making something out of nothing. You made the whole world laugh. Which is quite something, and you made it look as if it was nothing at all.