Twenty-Some Things I Learned In My Twenty-Somethings: #5

7 to 2 in the morning is plenty of time to do damage

This is my favorite quote from Gary Vanerchuk. And I know from experience that it is pure gold.

If you don't completely enjoy your 9-5, remember you have time to do what you love. There is always time to work and make it happen. As Gary would say, "Stop watching F#cking Lost." 

Stop whining.
Stop saying it is too hard. 
Stop saying your don't have enough time.
Stop expecting everything to be handed to you.
Stop thinking you are the greatest and everyone knows that because of that one thing you once did. 

If you don't get what you want from 9-5 make it happen in the off hours. And yes, it is possible.

Gary V is an amazing marketer. He is all about working his competition into the ground. He has written some awesome books and here is the epic speech of his that this quote comes from. 

Gary V. and Steven Tyler are my two favorite east coast guys that live so authentically that there is no doubt about who they are. They work their @$$es off and they pursue what they are passionate about. And neither of them whine about not having enough time, needing down time, or that it is too hard.

PS- Gary, if you ever see this. I created the graphic in NY Jets colors. Because I know one day you will own the NY Jets.