Halloween Horror Poster Art Show!

Just in time for Halloween I will be in a Horror Movie Poster Fan Art Show! The show opening will be October 13th at 9pm at the Belle Isle Yacht Pub in Downtown Orlando.

I am not much for scary movies but I do find many of them very creative and I LOVE the posters! This is my first poster in tribute to 'Children of the Corn'. I couldn't resist making it soviet propaganda style since the poster shows the boy holding a sickle in his hand. I posted the original poster on the left and my tribute on the right.

I hope you aren't offended by the cross in the background. In the movie the children start worshipping a monster in the corn as their god. They then misinterpret passages from the Bible as directions on how to appease their god.

I will be posting my other posters for this Spook-tacular show so stay tuned!

The original is on the left and my tribute is on the right!