Earthday Birthday A BIG Win!

The best part of Earthday Birthday was the artist's I met and the information I learned. A BIG thanks goes out to John The Glass Man Gardner. He helped me put my tent up, watched my booth when I stepped away and gave me some very valuable advice. I couldn't have done my first show without him! Check him out on facebook at Here is a beautiful piece he had at the show.

I also met an amazing woman named Alison Krafick. She gave me some great advice and her work is just so fun you can't help but smile when you see it! Check out her work at Below is an example of her super fun work!

Alison shared with me information about the Odd Duck Bazaar. I am very interested in doing this show next year. I feel that my work would fit in wonderfully there. I am going to shoot for it next year. Check out this unique event at

She also shared with me an event dedicated to record stores in Fort Lauderdale. It is next week so I couldn't possibly make it but I think it is a great goal for next year. Find out more information about this great event put on by Radio-Active Records at

Hopefully I can put together more of a plan for my next show. I have plenty of time!

*All work is copyright of the original artists.