Red Shoes Elvis Costello 45 Work In Progress

I am creating a 45 Quilling piece for Mary Ellen. I want this one to ROCK because she is just so awesome! She has given me a very open timeframe which is great so I thought I would show the work in progress. I have her favorite song 'Red Shoes' 45. I also bought another 45 with some great artwork. I have the shadowbox frame as well and some CD art. I still need to get the iconic record artwork in the mail. I think his sillhouette will be perfect and I want to incorporate the checkered background as much as possible. I want to recreate this sillhouette somehow on the piece. Maybe using other album artwork? I also think that half quilled flowers will look great. It will provide the 3D element I am looking for without making it too girlie and keeping in sassy just like Mary Ellen!