"I Love Your Spirit" Mixed Media Tribute Artwork

My grandmother recently passed away. She was a kindred spirit and the only creative I have ever met who could create something out of nothing. She did not have training, just intuition and the drive to solve problems by being resourceful. I created this piece as a tribute to her. The work is created completely out of scraps and art supplies in her honor. It proves that you can create anything when you put your mind to it!

I started with piles of scrap paper from past projects. Like my grandmother I never throw out scraps that could be used again.

I had a canvas That had been sitting around waiting for the right project. It too was covered in scraps.

The last day I saw my grandma in person she told me she loved my spirit. I will never forget it. She saw me for who I am, independent, driven, and overly ambitious. I will always remember her as a kindred spirit so I decided to make the piece based off those last moments we had together.

I enrolled in Debbie Millman's Skillshare class "The Art of the Story: Creating Visual Narratives" and created this project for the class. It fit the class assignment where the narrative was made out of something that told a deeper story. The words were literally made out of scraps.

I sketched out my idea and started creating.

The work was a labor of love and I often lost track of time when working on it.

Truly a photo just doesn't do the finished work justice. 

I created a short video to show more of the intricate details in the work.

As Steven Tyler would say, "maybe tomorrow the good lord take you away."